Taiwan’s pride! Ligitek has donated solar lighting equipments to refugee camps in Jordan, receiving affirmative feedbacks from worldwide


Ligitek Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in Taiwan’s Pride program held by foreign affairs ministration of Taiwan, on March 15th, 2015 Ligitek Electronics donated 5,000 sets of solar LED lights to Jordan Azraq refugee camp, the ministration of Jordan, related international organizations, representative of NGO and the refugee families attended, over 40 people present at the donation ceremony. Shi-Ming Li, the Taiwan representative Ambassador in Jordan, emphasized that Taiwanese know how to convert the sympathy into power, “Our excellent solar and LED lighting technology in Taiwan has developed such a pride of Taiwan, and this is the program will brighten their life”

The local citizens are very excited to receive these practical and convenience solar LED lights from Ligitek Electronics, these solar LED lights not only dramatically improve the illumination and safety issues during night time by able to be used both indoor and outdoor, also shine the warmth to every citizen’s heart of Jordan.