LIGITEK new product - ARGB

As a technologically advanced manufacturer in LED industry, Ligitek developed and roll out RGB LED strips respectively applied to series-parallel connection and series connection.
The outstanding features are as follows:
  1. The specification of RGB LED for series connection
  1. Equipping with the capability of signal two-way transmission and data return; it’s able to calculate how many pcs of LED in the connection
  2. By the capability of detecting different Qty, it can be set with unique function/effects according to different customized application or spin-off requirement
  1. The specification of RGB LED for series-parallel connection
  1. LED strip is applicable to parallel connection
  2. As the example in video, three LED strips are all able to detect the number of return and then address
  3. Three LED strips can be controlled individually
  4. Three LED strips can be integrated with one effect
Product video introduction

Features of LIGITEK ARGB

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